Luxury, trend and fashion zeitgeist – more than 50 years later AIGNER represents craftsmanship, high- hest quality and timeless design. Over the years AIGNER has emerged as the modern luxury label it is, creating an icon itself with the famous Cybill Bag. AIGNER is core competences lie with leather bags and accessories. The design team led by Creative Director Christian Beck creates bags for fashion lovers which also have the potential to become a real classic. AIGNER is vision is directed to the future while proudly looking back on a rich history. What persisted throughout the time is the devotion to luxury the love for the product itself and of course the internationally infamous horseshoe logo. Until today the evolution of the brand is marked by flexibility and steady expansion of its DNA in combination with fashion zeitgeist. AIGNER remains faithful to its values and principles by creating timeless product, while nevertheless counting on innovation and setting trends like it did with its signature bag Cybill. It embodies the clean, elegant design language of the brand like no other.